Sunday, May 22, 2005

The A Team

photo illustration by Elliott Marcus

So 21Alive decided to bring out the big guns on Sunday nights...make that Sunday nights during sweeps. Will it make a difference to viewers?

Hard to say. But it is obvious (as mentioned in the MediaWatch item that sparked this post) that Sunday is a much bigger TV viewing night than Friday,* so it makes sense for the station to put their "best" on-air news team in the studio after ABC's new hit shows Desperate Housewives (Melissa Long?) and Grey's Anatomy. It's smart to try to capitalize on a good lead-in, which those shows certainly provide.

There's a human element here, though; lest we forget, the members of the A Team are people, too, and they've likely become accustomed to having weekends off. And they're working with people (behind the scenes) that they don't normally see (unless GraniteMalara shifted everyone, not just the on-air talent), which might cause some friction.

But the A Team isn't likely to voice much opposition to the move (even if it becomes permanent), as they no doubt read the papers (or have someone read them aloud) and know what happens to people when GraniteMalara decides that they're no longer necessary or worth the trouble. And in case they've forgotten about the bloodbath, that Linda Jackson comes in every afternoon serves as a reminder.

*We're referring to nationwide viewers here in a general sense -- ratings for Sunday night shows (not necessarily local newscasts) are and traditionally have been higher than those on Friday.

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