Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Breaking News...We Guess

Ben Smith reports that Peyton Manning will get the Red Coat at this year's Mad Anthonys, but he won't be sticking around for the golf tournament.

Congratulations to Manning, and to the Mad Anthonys for getting him after what will likely end up being his best year as a professional quarterback.

Manning won't be the only guy getting the Red Coat -- so will Jim Steeg, a guy probably even a sports guy like Ben had never heard of before talking to Mad Anthonys spokeman Tim Borne. (Steeg is executive vice president and chief operating officer of the San Diego Chargers, an NFL football team.)

This habit the Mad Anthonys have of giving out more than one Red Coat seems -- at least to us -- like not such a good idea. Manning is a genuine Hoosier celebrity -- and nationally known. Steeg is not. Yet they're both getting the same honor. Think that makes the Red Coat appear more prestigious, or less prestigious? (Less is the right answer.)

We understand that there are a lot of variables involved in getting a big name to commit to coming to the dinner and/or tournament, but the Mad Anthonys are hurting their own cause by spreading the love. You want the big celebrities, you've got to make sure they feel special, and that they're genuinely getting a big honor. After all, if they gave out more than one green jacket, would anyone care about winning the Masters? The same applies to a Red Coat.

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