Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Can't We All Just Get Along? (Redux)

The folks over at MediaWatch, apparently, have started a blog of their own. (It's located at http://fwmw.blogspot.com -- not to be confused with our address, http://fwmn.blogspot.com) Good for them. Fort Wayne Media Notes welcomes them and wishes them good luck.

Their first (and only, as of now) post is an email someone sent to MediaWatch noting that the former juvenile probation offices (a building near Wood Youth Center) is for sale...and the realtor is former county commissioner Ed Rousseau. Here's an excerpt from the email:
I may have this all wrong, but here's the scenario: someone who worked for county government votes for a project that will leave another building vacant, so the county decides to sell the property, and very conveniently makes that person the realtor who will get a commission on the sale.
The guys at MediaWatch didn't reveal the author of the email, but Media Notes also received a copy, so we know that it was written by Joel Tye, the president of the Five Points Neighborhood Association. And now, so do you.

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