Monday, May 30, 2005

Curiosity Killed the Cat

We're just as curious as the next guy, so when we noticed this footer at the bottom of today's Media Watch fax, we decided to take a quick trip to the address listed.

Here's what we found at

It seems that someone got their signals crossed, because it's pretty clear that the most recent fax listed the address and not the more complicated one. If we were the quibbling type, we might raise a question about the "notifying MediaWatch readers in every fax" line. Since, you know, it's not true.

They've made their point: don't go to the site listed on the most recent fax. Go to the site listed on all the old faxes. (Duly noted.)

UPDATE: We've been informed that the address on the version that's faxed out and the one that's posted online are different -- "we change the web-site URL to because readers are already at the main web-site." Makes sense to us. We regret the error, and are happy to correct it. (Obviously we don't receive the fax via fax; we read it online.)

We imagine that some of the online readers who entered the link on the online version probably mistakenly thought the same thing that we did, so we're glad that our faux pas could help to clarify.

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