Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Fun with Numbers

Derrick Gingery wrote an article in the current issue of FW Business Weekly (which we just discovered, and liked so much we added it to our blogroll) about the most recent circulation numbers from the News-Sentinel and the Journal Gazette. The big point is that the morning paper is gaining readers, while the evening one is losing them.
Circulation of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has plummeted by more than 11,000 copies in the past two years to 32,732. Meanwhile, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette saw its average Monday to Saturday circulation jump by more than 14,000 copies during the same period to 73,804 due to a Friday and Saturday giveaway program, according to a recently released figures by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC).
Gingery spends the rest of the piece trying to get at the reasons behind the shift, as well as breaking out a lot more numbers. We note that the FW Business website substitutes a question mark for quotation marks, making Gingery's article awfully hard to read. They ought to get that glitch fixed as soon as possible.

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