Friday, May 27, 2005

Loving Ourselves

Steve Penhollow has a story in today's JG about roller coasters and summer amusement parks, but he manages to slip in a lot of references to himself, most serving no purpose (that we could see), except for two, which serve as examples of when a personal anecdote serves to aid, rather than to, say, pad:
As one of the latter folks, I have to be honest and admit that I did not ride MaXair [the new ride at Cedar Point] a lot of times even though I was given ample opportunity to ride it a lot of times.

Neither did anyone else who attended media day either.
And there's this story -- maybe we liked it because we know what a sweetheart Steve's wife Bonnie is. (Does that count as "full disclosure"?)
Last December, my family was stranded in Erie, Pa., by a blizzard and we were forced to check into a hotel.

We were lucky enough to schlep our way to a Holiday Inn that had an indoor waterpark attached to it called Splash Lagoon.

While heaps of snow fell outside and Christmas carols played over the P.A., we floated and slid surreally but happily in chlorinated water.
And, conversely, we are obligated to point out some of the superfluous uses of self that distract from what the article is about.
Whew! This might disappoint some but should be a relief to others who are just sick of all the fighting, all the abuse, all the denial and dysfunction that happens as a result of these theme parks’ absurd obsession with besting each other.

Can’t they see they’re tearing me apart?

I’m delicate.
And this:
At certain points in the [Italian Job at King's Island], a black helicopter fires bullets at you, which certainly isn’t typical of my roller coaster riding experiences.

Then again, I’ve always been sheltered.
And there's this non-item item:
Six Flags Great America of Gurnee, Ill., is adding a water park this year, and I would love to tell you all about it.

But I can’t.

I was able to get very little information out of the Six Flags folks about this new park.

Calls to the offices of Six Flags Great America usually just rang and rang and rang.

I did talk to one woman who admitted that a certain amount of administrative chaos was currently reigning west of Chicago.

When she asked me what photos I wanted, I requested a picture of the ride that flushes people into a giant cornucopia; all the water parks have them these days.

“We don’t have one of those,” she said a little sniffily.
As we have noted before, we like Steve, and we like much of what Steve has written in the past -- we think he's one of the most perceptive in town when it comes to things entertainment-related. But this habit of referring to himself in an effort to make sarcastic remarks sabotages his stuff.

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