Wednesday, May 25, 2005

MediaWatch Mea Culpa

We noted yesterday that MediaWatch predicted the N-S and JG merging Saturday/Sunday editions before the end of the year, and both operating "under the aegis" of Knight Ridder in 2006. Today they've taken it back:
Despite our prediction of an imminent N-S/JG merger based upon Derrick Gingery’s piece in Fort Wayne Business Weekly [5/22} containing the circulation figures for The JOURNAL GAZETTE and The NEWS-SENTINEL, N-S Publisher Mary Jacobus assures us that no merger or joint publishing venture is even being talked about.

So our prognostigation was all wet it seems.

(But we're always right, eventually...)
We all know, of course, that the morning and afternoon dailies will merge at some point, so asserting that it will happen "eventually" doesn't exactly qualify as a prediction.

By the way, in both items, MW decided not to link to Gingery's article. It's here, if you're interested in reading what started all this.

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