Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More Star Wars

In case you hadn't heard, the latest STAR WARS movie came out last weekend. Today, N-S business editor Dave Clark breaks down the real success of the franchise: licensing and merchandising.

We expect FWMN will get a reputation as being tough on entertainment-related items, seeing as how we've been in Los Angeles for four years now and have a pretty good handle on the industry, but we can't find anything to quibble with in Clark's column. We would only add that merchandising is George Lucas' most lasting contribution to the current way of doing things in Hollywood; executives pay as much (or more) attention to ancilliary markets like figurines and lunch boxes than the actual movie itself. An LA Times article about comic book heroes last month noted that many viewed the film The Incredible Hulk as a two hour commercial for all of the Hulk toys and t-shirts that they were selling, and that same school of thought is why Warner Bros. rushed the flop Batman & Robin (the George Clooney one) into production without worrying too much about whether it was going to be any good.

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