Tuesday, May 24, 2005

On The Street

The finest people the N-S could find in the streets of Fort Wayne (and Columbia City) weigh in on that most controversial of topics: garage sales. (Our comments in response in italics.)

"I understand from people who go to (garage sales) that there are very good sales, and I also understand they are a lot of fun. It's the quest for the unknown treasure. It is interesting, people selling things I throw away, like catalogs. They come for free in the mail and I toss these out, but maybe people buy them." -- Ann O'Rourke, Fort Wayne
Such disdain for the common folk! She clearly wouldn't be caught dead at a garage sale!

"I bought some Barbie dolls for my granddaughter; I am going to give them to her for Christmas. I just got an old Barbie doll for $5 and it could be a collector's item" -- Mary Ann Skinner, Fort Wayne
How sweet. Note: Make sure to disinfect the used Barbies before gifting.

"We stop often; we've got several rental properties in the Columbia City area, so we are always looking for things that I could possibly use on my properties. We do real well, as far as furnishings; my wife looks for curtains, and I look for hardware-type stuff. Just the other day I bought a $60 electric baseboard heater for $11." -- Bob Lotter, Columbia City
What a way to promote his rental properties! "Furnished by things I found for cheap at garage sales."

"I am not too big about going around and looking at used stuff. Most of it is really ridiculous, I think; everybody's leftover junk, that's pretty much what it is. They are tired of it, but you know there is always someone willing to buy anything. Ninety-nine percent of this stuff I wouldn't buy." -- Jerry Rickard, Fort Wayne
This only makes us more curious about the one percent he would buy. What kind of "stuff" is he looking for? Dare we speculate?

"Children's things really go fast. Sometimes you can really make a find." -- Sharon Rickard, Fort Wayne

Finally, the kind of expert commentary we're looking for. Have this woman write a guest column!

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