Sunday, May 29, 2005

"The WBCL Incident"

MediaWatch reports that Jim Dunn, a "long-time but recently, seriously ill WBCL staffer was dismissed (fired) last week [5/25]."

Rich Reynolds spoke about this with Char Binkley, the station's executive director, and he now knows the "legal ramifications that triggered the dismisssal," but MediaWatch feels it unnecessary to reveal what those ramifications are. It only notes that Dunn received a severance pay that "seemed generous."

But there was more to the item than just quasi-reporting.
But in this case the question arises as to whether or not this firing was a Christian act; that is, was something less than compassion used to remove Jim Dunn from the WBCL payroll.

WBCL is, after all, a business, not a Church or intrinsic member of The Body of Christ, so should it act charitably or with a bottom-line mentality?
Whether someone thinks the dismissal was "Christian" doesn't interest us, but it did some people -- including former radio host Dave Macy. (Or at least someone claiming to be him.)
Radio is radio. It doesn't matter what type of radio it is--remember that Satan is the "Prince of the Power of the Air"--

I don't know Mr. Dunn--or the circumstances surrounding his departure. I do know that I have yet to listen to a so-called Christian radio station which can have air personalities who can truly speak the Christian worldview in light of the news of the day. I lasted almost 7 years at two secular stations speaking the TRUTH-- I'd love to work for a Christian staion that would allow commentary which I doled out every morning--I doubt I would last a day let alone get the gig in the first place.

Ministry? Give me seven heathen listeners anyday as opposed to "preaching to the choir"!
*By the way, for those of you keeping score, in its first week of existence, the MediaWatch blog had a total of two posts. Here at Media Notes, we posted 44 times -- including a 1,500-word essay, which no one thus far has been able to finish.

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