Monday, June 20, 2005

Betty Mania!

Betty Stein is back again, and today's she's talking about Ritter's Frozen Custard's dog days. We'll spare you the details -- summary: once a month, dogs get a free dish of vanilla custard topped with a dog biscuit. Betty thinks this is great (she doesn't have a dog herself, but she knows people who do), and thus we have a column.
“Well, it’s a way to give back and we have fun with it,” explained Dana. “We look forward to it, too.”
I'm sorry, but since when does giving free custard to dogs qualify as philanthropy?

UPDATE: I neglected to note that the quote is from co-owner Dana Leininger. (Co-owner of Ritter's? Co-owner of that particular Ritter's franchise? Betty deems further clarification unimportant, as does her editor it seems.) Reader Bartleby notes in his comment to this post:
I read the column to which you provided a link. Oddly, I couldn't find the word "philanthropy" in Ms. Stein's text. Neither could I find any claim, not using the term, that the frozen custard purveyors are perpetrating philanthropy.

I'm sorry, but since when does typing out a snarky post qualify as curing cancer?
Okay, I'll take the bait. I wasn't referring to anything Ms. Stein wrote. I was referring to Dana Leininger's comment -- specifically "it's a way to give back." Stein didn't claim Ritter's was giving back; Leininger did. And I disagree with him that giving free custard to dogs counts as "giving back." It's a promotion, not philanthropy. Donating food to hungry human beings would qualify; giving dogs ice cream does not.

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