Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Big News! (Or Not!)

If you've been refraining from watching anything on WISE 33 because they're not broadcasting all of their programming in High Definition 12 months of the year, then this news will interest you:
WISE-TV parent company Granite Broadcasting has made it possible for High Definition television set owners to see NBC programming offered in the revolutionary format 12 months a year.

Jerry Giesler, Executive Vice President of Ft. Wayne Operations for Granite said, “Granite has made a significant investment that the previous owners of WISE weren’t willing to make. We needed technology that allowed us to “store” NBC High Definition programming when most of the rest of the nation converts to daylight savings time.” Giesler added: “Now, no matter what time zone the state of Indiana observes, our area viewers will be able to enjoy High Definition NBC Programming like The Tonight Show, ER, Will and Grace and Law and Order. The Summer and Winter Olympics will both be available in High Definition from this point forward.”

Due to the state’s practice of not observing daylight savings time, WISE–TV was not able to record NBC programming in the High Definition format for the necessary one hour prime time delay.

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