Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Breast, The Molester, and the Dad

As the Michael Jackson verdict spread out over the newswires and Internet, I couldn’t help but wonder, what does Janet think of all this?

Janet (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty) was crucified a year and a half ago for baring her breast on national television. Never mind that Justin Timberlake was actually the bodice ripper in question. Yeah, it was probably all set up ahead of time, but as I recall, Janet didn’t rip herself a new place in FCC history; Timberlake helped her do it.

Her brother Michael, who has a weird attraction to young boys, and obvious mental problems, is free to continue doing....what, exactly? Yeah, the jury found him innocent, but would you want him to babysit your kid?

I guess in our society, it’s worse to expose your breast than to molest young boys.

The day the verdict was read, I watched network television specials devoted to Jackson. Is anyone to blame for Jackson’s problems?How much of a factor does parenting play in how we live our lives as adults? And I thought about Jackson’s father, and his relentless promotion of the Jackson Five as an escape from Gary, Indiana. I don’t blame Michael’s father for wanting to get out, but would the whole family had been better off if he’d found some other means of supplementary income? I tend to think of stage moms and dads as pimps. They’re not selling their kids for sex, but they are selling their kids just the same. Jackson’s preoccupation with the delights of childhood makes this La-Z-Boy recliner psychiatrist think that his emotional development probably stopped at age nine or so. Thus, the attraction to boys that age, and his urge to build an amusement park at his home. Doesn’t explain the porn though, unless it was kiddie porn.

I didn’t follow this trial very much. I feel sorry for Jackson, but I feel sorrier for those who were harmed in any way by his desires or lifestyle, and for anyone who was actually molested, but never received justice. For them, hearing the “not guilty” verdict must have been a blow to them as well.

And if Jackson was just another 46-year-old guy, who hadn’t made millions of dollars, who wasn’t a pop star, just your average schlub, would the jury still have found him not guilty? I wonder.

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