Friday, June 24, 2005


Here at FWMN headquarters, we've been in meetings all day about the future of this blog. Among the things discusssed were some very innovative new blogging techniques (we're not at liberty to reveal them at the moment) and some other super-secret stuff that, if we told you about, we'd have to kill you.

But one of the things we discussed that can be revealed is our desire to try to open up FWMN a bit. Last week's guest blogging "experiment" has convinced us that getting other smart and savvy people in the mix is a good idea (and even my mom was getting sick of me writing every post). So in the next few weeks, we'll be making a concerted effort to include a more diverse collection of news and opinion.

The first phase of this plan (code name: How We Plan To Destroy MediaWatch Forever) is inviting last week's guest bloggers back to come and blog whenever they feel like it. The door at FWMN is always open to Vince, Gloria, and Mike -- whenever they've got something to say, we'd be honored if this is the place they chose to say it.

And, as always, we appreciate your feedback on any aspect of this blog. I know that last week's guest bloggers appreciated their readers engaging with them in a little bit of debate, and I've already made clear how much I value your comments.

Thanks for reading.

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