Monday, June 20, 2005

Deciphering MediaWatch

We (and by we, I mean I) found the most recent MediaWatch fax most peculiar. Here's the title and opening paragraphs:
Faux Media

Journalism, media generally, is under assault by bloggers and those not trained to be jour- nalists, at a time when journalism in all its many manifestations is slipping into irrelevance (according to various recent surveys).

We find a desire by people, especially younger persons, for serious reportage and/or infor- mation that impacts their lives in bifurcated ways: some want the truth about things govern- mental while others seek an existential clarification for their superficial but seemingly intense life-styles.
Not to come off as self-absorbed, but I can't think of any other bloggers currently "assaulting" local media besides yours truly. And I've already noted that I'm a "younger person." Wait a minute -- are the MediaWatch guys talking about me?

No. Couldn't be. They only talk about serious journalists, only seriously critique local media, only note the upper echelon (and not the hoi polloi). They're always above the fray, never spilling salacious gossip or trading information like a bitter housewife.

No. Couldn't be talking about me. Couldn't be talking about Media Notes.

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