Thursday, June 02, 2005

Getting Drunk with Lou

Lou Henry, who previously wrote a column for the N-S detailing his experiences in Afghanistan, is back in Fort Wayne and now reviewing local bars.

In the interest of full disclosure, we note that we know Lou from our high school days (there's a reason why he's friends with everyone -- because he's a great guy), and that, like everyone else, we're grateful for his service to our country.

But that doesn't mean we're not going to point out that his first column reads more like a family reunion or a gathering of alcoholic friends than a glimpse into the local bar scene.
For my first assignment for What’s On Tap, I decided to catch up with my good friend, local musician Mark Garr.


I went with my cousin, Christen Curry. When we entered through the market part of the restaurant, we were greeted by our aunt, Andrea Navarro, who gave us hugs and kisses. Now, don’t be upset if you go to the Sandbar and she doesn’t kiss you. Seriously, we’re family.

We started off a little late this particular evening, so I made a bee line to the bar and ordered a drink. I saw another familiar face, my friend Chris Kierski. Chris tends bar along with Jenni Wolf on Wednesdays, and both of them make a great
Crown Royal and cola. Christen said they also make great amaretto sours.


Later in the evening, our twosome increased when another aunt, Cindy Henry, joined us. I tried to order her a Scotch, but she had a diet cola and a smile.
Now Lou is a Henry, so it's not his fault that he's related to every fifth person he meets. But I'm not sure many N-S readers are interested in knowing which Henry he happened to be drinking with on his most recent escapade.

And how can Lou analyze the bar's offerings if he's the designated driver? That's like hiring a food critic who is a vegetarian.

We (humbly) suggest that Lou sit down with Carol Tannehill (who knows how to write a restaurant review) and take notes. And that the features editor not be afraid to edit out all the Henrys (and anything else superflous to the story) and get Lou to focus his prose. Otherwise, the only way we'll be able to get through his column is if we have a few amaretto sours ourselves.

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