Thursday, June 23, 2005

How Will We Ever Survive? (Sarcasm)

As I've noted before, MediaWatch has registered a lot of blogs with addresses peculiarly similar to the original address of Fort Wayne Media Notes. (We're still at, but also accessible through or I'm not saying that they think that the readers of this blog are too stupid to notice the difference, but it certainly looks that way.

Unfortunately (for them), that strategy doesn't appear to be working, so they've gone and created two more blogs, both of which they've titled Fort Wayne Media Notes. (Here and here.) Yes, your eyes do not deceive you; that's the same name as the blog you're currently reading.

It's one thing to create similar sites with similar names and web addresses -- after all, a little competition never hurt anyone, this blog included. But when they decide to create multiple blogs with the same name as this one, that's more than poor sportsmanship. (And how's this for subtlety: on one of their Fort Wayne Media Notes blogs, the first and only post is: "This")

Newsflash: I get it that MediaWatch is trying to kill off this blog. I get it that MediaWatch seems to be threatened by another person (or persons, in the case of our guest bloggers) giving his opinions on local media, something that up to this point they've had a monopoly on.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not out to kill MediaWatch. I'm not out to replace MediaWatch. There's no reason why the two of us can't co-exist. And here's another newsflash: as much as they might want to, MediaWatch isn't going to be able to destroy this blog.

Because many FWMN readers know or have interacted with Rich Reynolds over the years, I want to clarify one thing. In my correspondence with him about this blog, he's been cordial and complementary. In my correspondence with "his guys," they've threatened to destroy me and this blog. So I'm not automatically assuming that it's Reynolds who is out to get me. (He wanted to post a link to Media Notes on the MediaWatch homepage, but his boys, who apparently handle the technical side of things, would not do it.)

Let me be clear: If MediaWatch wants to try to destroy this blog, I'm not going to stop them. It's a free country, and if they feel they need to try to tear me down, let them. I don't think that they'll be successful, because I think people read FWMN for one reason: because they like it. And as long as they continue to enjoy the content here, they'll keep coming back. There's no way that MediaWatch can influence or control that content, so how can they kill this blog? The success of failure of Media Notes isn't up to them -- it's up to you, its readers.

But if the MediaWatch gang insists on trying to accomplish that very thing, I have one request of them.

Several years ago, when I was in high school and working at 21Alive, I would read the MediaWatch faxes (like all of my co-workers). I was also starting to learn Adobe Photoshop in a graphic design class I was taking, and since I was less than impressed with the logo MediaWatch used at the time , I decided to try to design a new and better one, just for practice. I thought what I came up with was a noticeable improvement on what they were using, so I emailed it to MediaWatch to get their feedback. They seemed to like it, for soon it began appearing at the top of every MW fax as well as on the main page of their website.

The term irony may not be obscure enough for a MediaWatch fax, but I think it applies in this case: the organization that seems to be trying to destroy my blog just happens to publish all of their writings under a masthead that I created.

So I am not requesting that MediaWatch stop starting up new blogs and calling them "Fort Wayne Media Notes," nor am I requesting that they refrain from criticizing me or my blog. All I want is this: that they take my logo off of their website and faxes. I think that's fair.

And here's what I'm asking of you, Media Notes readers. I know that the MediaWatch gang reads this blog, and I know that they read all the reader comments. So do me a favor and write a comment on this post telling them what you think about this -- what you think of them trying to destroy this blog, and whether or not you think they should pull my logo off of their website/faxes.

If you think I'm being outlandish in my request, then by all means say so. But if you think that it's not unreasonable to ask what I'm asking, I'd appreciate your support.

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And thanks for reading Fort Wayne Media Notes...the real Fort Wayne Media Notes.

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