Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Learning to Blog

The boys over at MediaWatch seem to have a "roving reporter" writing for Fort Wayne Media News, one of their many blogs with an address very similar to this one ( Roving Reporter is writing anonymously, so I can only assume that he's a professional journalist with a long track record that even Victor Locke would envy. (Maybe he actually is Victor Locke!)

As I've noted here before, the MediaWatch gang haven't really figured this blogging thing out -- they're still having trouble figuring out how to create a link. But give them time; Rome wasn't built in a day.

Back to their newest contributor. He (or she) reminds us of Larry King and his awful News & Views column in USA Today. (Does he still write that? We only read local newspapers, not national...) It's reminiscent of a Fort Files column written by a man three or four martinis past public intoxication. Here's my favorite section:
Both WANE and WPTA claim to be #1! Okay… there is truth in both broadcast station comments.

Who really is #1? Well, watch the tease before the late news some night.

“Tease” content is almost always drastically different… and the 21’ers seem to tease dated or national stories of little value to local viewers.

“Teases” are NOT throwaways!

“Teases” can and do attract viewers and WANE seems to understand that.

That does not mean WANE has better content… but the station is better at flirting!

A word of caution: If you’re only a “tease” people… they will lose interest.

Eventually you’ve got to “put out”!
That, my friends, is insightful analysis! And you can only get it at one of the seventeen MediaWatch blogs.

(Note: Looking for real analysis of the recent ratings? See Vince Robinson's post from last week right here on Media Notes.)

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