Friday, June 03, 2005

Media Notes Readers Are Smart!

We received an email from a conscientious media consumer today. In lieu of paraphrasing it and passing it off as our own, we'd rather just avoid having to worry about plagiarizing and post the original email. So here it is:
Read both the N-S and the JG stories on the Aboite beating case today. Ask yourself why the N-S left out the names of the victims and the fact the victim and the assailant knew one another. They also allow the sheriff's spokesman to say the crime was motiveless without any challenge; call me crazy, but I think if two people who know one another are involved in a physical altercation, there's always a motive. You just don't know what it is yet. The JG also used the intriguing detail that a week ago the assailant showed up at their house with a backpack full of cash. Hmmm.

Some years ago the N-S adopted a well-meaning but ultimately counterproductive "victim policy," to keep innocent victims names out of the paper and spare them more pain, trauma and blah blah blah -- basically, it treats everyone as a rape victim. But sometimes, it leads to lousy, lousy journalism. Like today.

By the way, you called the guy a "killer on the loose." He's not.
It's true: we don't know that Mr. Bellio is a killer. He has, however, been charged with attempted murder. How about "failed killer"?

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