Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Talent

A letter to the editor in today's N-S:
So long for good, Muskegon

My name is Wade Weiks. I am 9 years old and a third-grader at Woodburn Elementary. I am a Fort Wayne Komets fan and have been since I was born. I was so excited when my dad said that we were going on the bus trip to Muskegon May 21 to see the Komets play in the finals. The Muskegon arena is much smaller than the coliseum but we had great seats. Two rows away from the ice. Even though the Komets lost that night, it was pretty cool seeing the Komets play an away game.

The bad part came when we tried to leave the arena. Some Muskegon fans started following us and calling us names. Then one of them punched my dad in the head. I got really scared and looked around for an usher or a police officer, because I know that the coliseum always has ushers and policemen around if a kid gets lost or needs help but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Then all the Muskegon fans formed a circle around us and kept pushing us and calling us names. I started to cry and said that I just wanted to go back home. Then some guy put a camera into my face and tried to take a picture of me crying. My dad got mad at him and pushed him away from me. Why were these fans being so mean to us? We didn’t do anything to them, and they even won the game. so they shouldn’t be mad at us for that. Finally, a big security guard came up and grabbed my dad around the neck. The security guard walked us out to the bus. I was so glad that we were back on the bus and safe.

I don’t want to ever go back to Muskegon again.

Wade Weiks
This is very impressive for a nine year-old. I'm being completely serious -- I want Wade to be a guest blogger on this site. If anyone knows how to contact him, please send me an email at fwmedia[at]

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