Monday, June 20, 2005

Not Exactly Media Blogging

Last week's issue of the Fort Wayne READER includes an interview with Kelron Mixon, a Fort Wayne native who moved to Los Angeles last August. He's living in "Englewood" (it's spelled Inglewood) and doing background work in films like The Longest Yard and Jarhead. (Somehow Kelron fails to note one of his first background gigs, a scene at Club Soda for a film I shot in Fort Wayne in 2002.)
FWR: Let’s get to the real question…how many porn stars have you met?

MIXON: [Laughs]. Actually it’s quite possible that I’ve met some and didn’t know it. I haven’t been to the San Fernando Valley [where most porn is shot].
Unlike Mixon, I have met a porn star (with credentials: she's dated Charlie Sheen and Matt Dillon). Here's the interesting part: she's a Fort Wayne native who went to Wayne High School. That's all I'm going to reveal right now.

It's good to hear that Kelron's doing well and taking the necessary steps to pursue his dream. I'm not sure if he's a Fort Wayne Media Notes reader, but I'd like to pass along my best wishes.

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