Monday, June 06, 2005

People are talking

Derrick Gingery reports on what the future holds for Dave Macy:
The 54-year-old Macy recently became a casualty after Summit City Radio Group decided to change the WGL format. The group moved The River and its music format from 102.9 FM to the AM station. WGL had been the home of Macy’s conservative morning talk show, national syndicated sports talk shows and local and regional sports game broadcasts.

His career in Fort Wayne was filled with controversy.

Macy took a politically incorrect approach to his broadcasts. His “Macy in the Morning” talk show on WGL routinely covered controversial topics, complete with his commentary and listener calls.

After five years at the station, he was fired from WOWO 1190 AM in 2002 for what an officials of the station then called “a personal matter.”

In 2000, a discrimination charge was filed against him after he made on-air comments referring to a Jewish political leader as a “bagel” and a Hispanic political leader as a “taco.”

Macy said he is leaving a media market in Fort Wayne that he called “safe,” and will not change in the near future.

“Nobody I know is stepping on toes, naming names,” Macy said. “You’d have to have the right venue and under the current conditions, it’s not the right venue. There is only one talk station in town.”
It's another good story from Gingery, who is quickly gaining a reputation as the Howard Kurtz of local media. He also files a report on Northeast Indiana Public Radio's impending switch to digital.

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