Thursday, June 09, 2005

Reader: Uncle!

A reader posts this comment on our latest exchange with Victor Locke:
Can that please be the end of it? [Kelly Gabriel]'s a B-level reporter in a C-level city, not the subject of a master's thesis.
We agree that we're starting to talk in circles, and it's time for the discussion to come to a close. But we hope that it illustrates something important about Media Notes: we take your opinion seriously. When a reader writes in or responds to a post, we don't ignore it and we don't dismiss it, either. Our exchange with Victor was meant to clarify our position and better understand his.

We hope you know that your feedback will be taken just a seriously. If we think you're right, we'll concede that and make the necessary efforts to correct any mistakes we may have made. If we don't agree with you, we'll respectfully defend our position with evidence that supports it.

And, as we mentioned in the first days of this blog, our mission is not to get personal, but always be discussing the quality or veracity of the work -- our writing, your comments, local reporters -- and not attacking anyone. It's harder in television, when so much of a reporter's job involves the presentation of the news and not just the text of the story. And anything we wrote about Kelly Gabriel had to do with the quality of her work, not about her. We noted that we're sure she's a very nice person, as everyone seems to agree. We wish her luck when she moves on from the station later this summer.

Again, we appreciate reader feedback and look forward to receiving more as this blog grows. For as much as we criticize, we ought to be able to handle your suggestions and comments about how we're doing.

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