Monday, June 27, 2005

Same Song, Different Verse

Here we go again: life intrudes on blogging.

As hard as many of you may find it, I do have commitments outside of obsessively updating Fort Wayne Media Notes each day, and this week, they again intercede. Though I enjoy blogging (and your feedback), I do have a life outside of posting items on Lou Henry's column.

Our old guest bloggers -- Vince, Gloria, Michael -- are welcome to post as often as they'd like, but unlike two weeks ago, I haven't asked them to commit to posting anything.

I've got a few longer pieces up my sleeve that I've been saving for times like these, and I'll be posting them in lieu of regular blogging this week. (I'll have limited internet access -- enough to post but not to really blog.) So keep checking back with us each day, but don't expect the breadth to which you've become accustomed. That will resume next week.

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