Monday, June 06, 2005

She's Back!

Betty Stein writes another glorious "By The Way" column in today's N-S. Betty, we love you...but not your writing.

(Idea: what if Betty teamed up with Lou Henry for his bar-hopping column? They could be the next Ben & Julie! Odds are Betty and Lou are probably related!)

Today's column is about all of the glorious architecture in Fort Wayne. Betty's point: it's glorious. Most of the column is dedicated to certain city blocks she likes or the fact that she keeps her garage door up so her guests avoid the killer robin guarding her house.
As I turned onto the street leading to my home, I stopped to allow a mama duck and eight babies to cross the street. It’s dangerous right now to come to my front door. Mama Robin is on the attack if anyone comes close to the house; I leave the garage door up so guests have a more welcome greeting. There were three beautiful blue eggs in that nest; now Mama is caring for three little wide-open mouths. The rebirth that occurs every spring is one of the beautiful happenings Fort Wayners can relish.
What that has to do with architecture, we have no idea. But it gets better -- as in worse. Betty concludes with mentions a local landmark that she's not going to mention. But Betty, you just mentioned them!
Lots of beauty around, and I haven’t even mentioned the Rose Garden. I’m not going to, but I will write about the pleasure derived from seeing a family picnicking at Lakeside Park, having a great time playing games and being together.
And then she plants a big wet sloppy kiss on the people who continue to publish her column. Again, it has nothing to do with architecture.
I’m also going to say that I think the Fort Wayne Newspapers building is a real beauty. Why? Because it represents one of the most priceless gifts we have: freedom of the press. We don’t always have to agree with what either of the newspapers is advocating, but golly, that’s our right, too, with freedom of speech. Beautiful!
I'm going to agree with that. I agree. Beautiful!

She concludes with a paragraph that suggests that this might be another one of her these are my favorites, write in and tell me your favorites columns that provide her with two columns' worth of material, so be on the lookout for the follow-up in the next few weeks.
We’ve been given some wonderful gifts. And like Wordsworth in his poem, “My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky,” let’s continue to delight in what we have. He wrote, “So it was when my life began; So be it now I am a man; So be it when I shall grow old, Or let me die!” Well, I’m old but still thrilling to beauty. How about you?
Uh, we're not old...but I guess we're still thrilling to beauty, if that's even proper English. (Is there an editor in the house?)

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