Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Speaking of...

Pollyanna rides again...and she's written a letter to the editor:
The bright side of Northside

Recently there have been a couple of letters to the editor complaining about the condition of the Northside neighborhood and Lakeside Park. Having lived in the neighborhood for more than 12 years, I am sorry that the writers have had bad experiences.

My own experience in the neighborhood and in Lakeside Park has been much more positive. Our neighbors are friendly, their homes are kept up, and, on the very rare occasions they are needed, the police have been very responsive. I walk or bike through the neighborhood with no safety concerns at all. The expansion to North Side High School is beautiful. It is great to live on a street where children play together, where neighbors know each other and that is close to everything.

The Northside Neighborhood Association is very active, and I encourage the letter-writers to get involved with the association to make sure their concerns are addressed.

Karen Goldner
Note: see our earlier posts on Lakeside here and here.

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