Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thanks, Victor

In response to Victor Locke's most recent comments:
Thanks for responding, Victor.

Our qualification for judging Gabriel's reporting is three years of watching her report. We'll continue to disagree over whether she's "a stickler for details and accuracy." We don't think her reporting reflects your observation, and we used the are/were instance as an example of that. So far, you haven't provided any examples of her obsession with details and accuracy.

We get it that you think being a reporter is a hard job. We'll concede that it is. So what? That doesn't mean reporters are above criticism, or that anyone who hasn't been a reporter can't make a valid critique. The President of the United States has a hard job, too, (harder than being a reporter) and it's one you've never had. Has that kept you from criticizing the president? Does that automatically invalidate your criticisms?

And if live reporting is so hard, why is it that all of the other reporters at WPTA (those unworthy of being called the station's ace) seem to handle it just fine? We're surprised you're not rushing to compliment Janette Luu, Corinne Rose, and the queen of the summer festival live remote, Jane Hersha for their amazing ability to conquer such a difficult task.

Exposing yourself and your work on a daily television newscast takes a lot more skill and opens you up to the possibility of much greater criticism than does sitting in the comfort of your home typing a blog.

Exposing yourself and your work does not involve skill; it's a choice. And it's one that Gabriel made when she decided to ask Don Bradley for a job. You're right -- that choice did open her up to criticism...but not from us, at least according to your flawed logic. We'd argue that we've opened ourselves up for criticism in much the same way. Instead of shying away from anyone judging our work, we're providing a forum for it.

Blogging is more interactive than print or broadcast journalism, and that means that we're being held accountable for what we say and how we say it. We disagreed with you, you disagreed with us, we both disagreed with the disagreements...and in the process, we had a discussion for all to see. And that's why you shouldn't assume that we'll have the last say. Anything we post, you can comment on.

Yes, it's our blog, but we're not controlling the medium. It's shared. And we appreciate you sharing it with us.

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