Monday, June 06, 2005

That's Interesting!

It seems that MediaWatch has another blog -- this one's called FW Media Notebook and located at -- which we at Fort Wayne Media Notes find a little suspicous.

(They also have empty blogs named Fort Wayne Media News and Fort Wayne MediaWatch, in addition to their FW MediaWatch one. That's a lot of blogs! That's like one blog for each of Rich's guys!)

But we're not worried about our readers confusing our address with that of any of the MediaWatch blogs. (Call us crazy!)

The first post at FW Media Notebook details MediaWatch's distaste for JG writer Ron Shawgo. It sounds personal.
We don’t like Ron Shawgo, so our comments here must be tempered by a caveat.

Our personal contact with him showed the man to be biased, judgmental, and hardly objective, choosing to accept opinion from others without checking out the information himself.

Why is he still working at JG? Well, we attribute that to favoritism, and that favoritism is one of the reasons we have little or no respect for Editor Craig Klugman.
Good to know who MediaWatch hates (in addition to whom they love). Our advice to Shawgo: start telling MediaWatch some newsroom secrets! The more dirt you've got, the sooner you can get on their good side!

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