Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Victor Locke Responds

Hi again Nathan,

Here are my final thoughts on your Kelly posts. I'm sure you'll have more to say.

I have three years of working with Kelly and observing her skills to back up my statement that she's a stickler for details and accuracy. What are your qualifications?

Your issue with her seems mostly to surround her use of one word, "are" versus "were."

I stand by my other comments.

Writing a blog is a far cry from gathering facts, obtaining interviews, writing a story, perhaps delivering it live, then editing it, meeting all deadlines. There's no backspace key when you're live. Give live TV a try sometime Nathan, and perhaps your harsh criticisms will soften somewhat. As I said, there are many many network and major market anchor/reporters these days who also "stumble over words and project something other than intelligence."

Exposing yourself and your work on a daily television newscast takes a lot more skill and opens you up to the possibility of much greater criticism than does sitting in the comfort of your home typing a blog.

I trust you'll have the last say!


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