Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Victor Locke Strikes Back!

Victor Locke comments on our Kelly Gabriel post, which included our reaction to his comments about Gabriel on one of the MediaWatch blogs.
I stand by my comments regarding Kelly. I also agree with your observations about Jeff and Eric as well. It seems mostly you have taken issue with one word, "ace."

My posting was meant to be a compliment to a person who I learned, while working with her, is indeed a hard worker and sincere about her job. From my observations, she is not engrossed in "how" she looks or in "acting," while on the air as are most of today's TV journalists. Like I said, what you see is what you get, and in Fort Wayne that's what a lot of viewers identify with. That relationship can form a strong bond of credibility for an individual. There are many many network and major market anchor/reporters these days who also "stumble over words and project something other than intelligence." Some of Fort Wayne's best known radio and tv talents have stumbled, made errors etc. yet they were loved by their viewers or listeners. Something you'll learn in time, Nathan, is that before you can inform you need to have the attention of your audience. Otherwise, you might as well be talking to an empty room.

It's too bad you had to minimize what was meant to be a compliment from a former co-worker of Kelly's and someone with better than three decades in the business.

By the way, how long have you been a TV News Journalist? What was the last story you covered? When did you last do a live standup? When can we critique your performances/newscasts? When have you ever been "under the gun" to deliver at a moment's notice?

Lastly, it is true I do some voiceover's for WPTA, very occasionally. The last was several months ago. I am not on the payroll and they have no influence over my observations. Gimme a break!!! Can you be bought by a cup of coffee? Apparently so.

Bottom line: I found it pleasant MediaWatch for once was pointing out something positive, and thought I would add to Rich's observations. Too bad your observations had to approach it from the negative.
We'll be posting a response shortly, but we'd like to note that we appreciate that Victor took the time to respond to our post, and give us the opportunity to have a dialogue about this, which seldom occurs when local media issues are concerned.

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