Friday, June 10, 2005

Watch Out for Falling Property Rates...

A proposed Wal-Mart always seems to get everyone riled up, and the one the company wants to build on the city's northwest side is no different. Jenni Glenn has a good article in today's JG about opposing sides at yesterday's Plan Commission meeting, and we think she does a good job keeping things fair and balanced. Here's an excerpt as an example of that:
Wal-Mart would draw additional customers to other businesses in the area, said Steven Gard, owner of the Oyster Bar. The Dupont Road restaurant is in the Northbrook Shopping Center, east of Wal-Mart’s proposed site. Two nearby shopping centers have struggled to draw retail businesses and would benefit from the presence of a large anchor store nearby, Gard said.

“It’s very much needed, not necessarily for our survival, but certainly for our growth,” he said.

But Tom Dant, the owner of the White Swan, a small supermarket on Lima Road, said he worries about how his business a half-mile south of the site would fare if the Wal-Mart is built. Wal-Mart would take business away from nearby grocery stores, hardware stores and gas stations, he said.

“If you think none of those (businesses) will go away, you are absolutely wrong,” he said.

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