Friday, June 10, 2005

Who's on 1st?

Congratulations to WANE NewsChannel 15 for being #1 in the May 2005 ratings period. According to a news release issued by the station, by attracting more viewers for each of their weekday and weekend newscasts, WANE's staff pulled off a clean sweep versus chief competitor WPTA.

Or did they?

According to a news release issued by WPTA, WPTA’s 21Alive News (which now airs on both WPTA and WISE) "remains the most-watched local news in Ft. Wayne, out-distancing all local competition." It's an interesting spin - and it's true, when you combine the viewership of both the Keith Edwards/Melissa Long anchored 21Alive newscasts on WPTA with the Linda Jackson helmed 21Alive newscasts on WISE.

But claims and counter-claims aside, what's most interesting is what's not detailed in either of the news releases. Both stations boast about being the news leader, but neither describes how its news content was improved - no mention of a single, major story they'd broken, no corruption uncovered, no significant breaking news. WANE has more reporters on the street and WPTA/WISE has more newscasts on the air, but neither makes any claim that the quality of their news content actually improved over previous ratings periods.

That would be something to brag about.

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