Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back From the Dead

Good morning, fair readers. Congratulations on surviving the barrage of explosives set off by those drunken buffoons we call our neighbors. (And if you were one of the drunken buffoons setting of the fireworks, congratulations on not killing yourself this year. Better luck next time.)

Things have been busy here at Media Notes, but it seems they've been even busier over at MediaWatch. They've put a password on their main site that blocks us mere mortals from accessing it (and this after admonishing us earlier to view it!) and created a few more blogs in the last few days. For those of you keeping score at home, here's a listing of all the RRR Group blogs:

FW Media Notebook

Fort Wayne Media News

Fw MediaWatch

Fort Wayne MediaWatch

Fort Wayne Media Notes

Fort Wayne Media Notes
(that's not a typo; they've got two with the same this blog! Who would have thought?)

Fort Wayne This Week

Fort Wayne This Week
(another repeat)

This Week


Et cetera

Nota Bene

Nota Bene

Media Notes

And then there are their, um, other blogs -- most of them about UFOs.


The UFO Coalition Blog



The FK Bureau

Fort: Nightly

A CNN Viewer

CNN Zeitgeist

The UFO Underground

Perhaps their site is MIA because it's undergoing a major update -- cleansing the tainted MediaWatch logo, et cetera. (One can hope.)

And as far as their high number of blogs goes, here's some advice: people don't care about how many blogs you have, they care how good they are. I suggest using all that time spent creating new blogs to instead post on the blogs you've already got.

Just my opinion.

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