Monday, July 11, 2005

Betty Stein is Getting Self-Reflexive

From Betty Stein's glorious column, published today:
Have you noticed the proliferation of lists lately?
Why yes, Betty, I have...every time I read your column.
Let’s see: the top 25 handsomest or sexiest men; the top 25 most beautiful or sexiest women; the most memorable movie lines; people who inspire us; the favorite this or that. And now there is the list of the all-time 100 best films as selected by two Time magazine movie critics, Richard Corliss and Richard Schickel.
People who inspire us? Why, that sounds like one of your column topics, Betty!
Maybe there’s a reason for all of these lists. Maybe they’re supposed to lead to discussion. In my case, they often lead to rising blood pressure.
Rising blood pressure! My goodness, Betty, what are you doing encouraging this kind of thing?! Don't sacrifice your health for the sake of your column!

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