Friday, July 22, 2005

The Big Announcement

I'm pleased to announce that Fort Wayne Media Notes is the first local blog to enter the wonderful world of podcasting.

A podcast is an audio file (usually in MP3 format) that you can download off the internet and listen to at your leisure, either on your computer or using an MP3 player such as an iPod (hence the name podcast). You can also burn it onto a CD to listen to in a CD player.

Podcasting is essentially internet talk radio on demand. Podcasts are accessible from anywhere in the world, and once downloaded, can be listened to at your convenience.

Fort Wayne Media Notes podcasts will feature conversations with notable and interesting media-related people, like the N-S's Leo Morris, whom I interviewed in the first FWMN podcast.

You can listen to FWMN podcasts a few different ways. I'll post a direct link to each episode right here on the blog -- if you click it, your web browser should start to play it automatically, or you can right-click on the link, download it to your computer, and then decide what to do with it. Remember, you don't need to have an iPod to play the podcast; it's just an MP3 file that most browsers will be able to handle without any trouble. Or you can play it in a program that plays MP3 files like Apple's iTunes.

Below is the link to my conversation with Leo Morris. We talked about, among other things, his new blog, Opening Arguments, who he'd like to see start blogging, and his thoughts on one of my favorite topics: N-S guest columnists.

Fort Wayne Media Notes Podcast :: Episode One

*If you've got iTunes, you can also subscribe to the FWMN podcast through the iTunes Music Store. Just go to the podcast page and search for "Nathan Gotsch" or "Fort Wayne Media Notes," then click SUBSCRIBE. iTunes will automatically download the most recent episode (in this case, first and only one) as well check for new episodes everytime you visit the iTunes Music Store. For more on using iTunes to subscribe to podcasts, click here.

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