Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A Blog Challenge

I started FWMN back in May. A few months later, I continue to be amazed at the response I've gotten from the Fort Wayne community. In emails and comments, I've been praised, encouraged, chastised, and vilified -- and I've loved every minute of it. I'm flattered that people are paying attention, taking the time to check in every day and let me know what they think of what I've written. And then there is the willingness of Vince Robinson, Gloria Diaz, and Michael Summers to guest blog back in June. They took the reins for a week when this blog was still finding its voice, and they taught me a lot about what Media Notes could be.

But I've also noticed something over the last few weeks: there are a lot of things to blog about in Fort Wayne, but no one out there is writing about them.

Big cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Washington have vibrant blogging communities that cover a wide range of topics. There's no reason why a place like Fort Wayne can't be just as much on the cutting edge of what I think is going to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other. The only necessary ingredient is dedicated individuals who can write and are passionate about something worth writing about, and I think there are plenty of people like that in this city.

If you are one of them -- or if you know someone who fits that description -- I encourage you to seriously consider starting up a blog of your own. "But," you wonder, "what could I possibly blog about that others would find interesting?" Here are a few subjects that I think would make a great topic for a blog...even yours, perhaps.
As you can see, there are many possibilities -- and hundreds more than I came up with. Take one of the above or come up with your own unique (and likely far superior) topic for your own blog. Or encourage someone you know (your spouse, your co-worker, even your own child) to start a blog of their own.

Here's my challenge: How many new blogs can we create, Fort Wayne? How many of you are willing to give this new technology a try?

Make a commitment to blog for one week -- maybe that's only three or four posts total -- and at the end of that time, if you decide blogging isn't for you, stop. But pat yourself on the back: at least you gave it a try.

But if you like it...

Here's what I'm offering to do in return: I'll happily promote your site right here on Media Notes to send some readers your way. I'll put a link to your site on my blogroll. And, if you want it, I can offer some ideas of what to post on. (If you're operating a Komets blog, for instance, you'll want to note each article about the K's that appears in the JG and N-S, among other things.)

I suspect that my fellow bloggers Tracy Warner and Leo Morris will be monitoring all the new blogs and mentioning those that they find interesting as well.

And then, at the end of July, I'll compile a directory of local blogs, which I'll go out and do everything I can to promote in the local newspapers and on radio and television stations, which will expose your blog to the entire community. And I'm sure that many of those local media outlets will want to talk to some of these bloggers, so you just might end up in the paper or on TV.

But for that to happen, we're going to need a good number of you to start new blogs. So seriously consider it, and forward this post (using the little envelope icon below) to anyone you think ought to try blogging. I'm encouraging you; please encourage others who might not read this blog.

Here's a recap: Pick a topic to write about. Go create a blog. Email me (fwmedia[at] about it. I'll let FWMN readers know you're out there. Blog for one week. If you don't like it, stop. That's all I'm asking.

Come on, Fort Wayne. Let's show everyone who thinks we're America's stupidest city that we're ahead of the curve when it comes to blogging. (Not that we have something to prove or anything...)
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Create your own blog for free at one of these blogging websites:
UPDATE: More on the Blog Challenge

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