Tuesday, July 26, 2005


When I go to the dentist, I don't really care what his (or her) office looks like, as long as it's clean inside. But there is a line between good taste and, um, poor taste. Such as:
Members of the Fort Wayne Plan Commission were unable to agree on the height of Dr. Hal Atkinson’s new office – a miniature Empire State Building proposed for construction a block north of Wallen Road. Atkinson wants to build a 55-foot-tall tower, but neighbors have argued that the miniature skyscraper would overwhelm their homes.
Now, if he was going to build this downtow
n, it would be a different story!

UPDATE: More in the News-Sentinel on the "fascinating" issue, including a photo of the proposed building.

Also, Dr.
Atkinson writes a guest column pleading his case. How convincing is it? You be the judge:
I should be allowed to build the Empire Center, complete with its 55-foot tower. The Empire Center and its tower would be good for Fort Wayne. Its height and design fall within the guidelines of the existing ordinances[...]
(In fairness, he does go on to elaborate on those points. Read the whole thing.)

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