Monday, July 11, 2005


Mike Dooley writes about Indiana's own Sen. Evan Bayh being voted the nation's hottest senator -- well, second-hottest:
The race began as an eight-person affair, with the winner to be declared the “Hottest U.S. Senator Not Counting Obama.” Illinois Sen. Barack Obama was disqualified, the organizers said, because he’s so hot “he would have wiped the floor with the rest of the pack.”
The finals pitted Bayh against Delaware's Joe Biden. Yes, this Joe Biden. Gives you an idea of how legitimate this contest really was.

This gives me an idea, though -- what about a Media Notes contest for the "hottest" local print journalist? Leave a comment below noting whose byline photo brightens your day the most. (And keep it positive -- any negative comments will be deleted.)

One more thing: in keeping with the spirit of the original competition,
I'm naming this the “Hottest Newspaper Reporter Not Counting Mike Dooley.” I'm afraid I have to disqualify him (sorry, MediaWatch) because he’s so hot he would have wiped the floor with the rest of the pack.

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