Thursday, July 28, 2005

Counting Henrys

It's Thursday, which means it's time to play everyone's favorite game: count the number of Henrys in Lou Henry's bar-hopping column. Here we go!
Dancioke is the brainchild of Tony Henry, owner of Deer Park [Irish Pub]. It came to him one night while he was pondering why everyone was so crazy about listening to other people sing off-key at local nightspots[...]

Tony, who is my uncle, recently bought back Deer Park after selling the business two years ago. His patrons are mostly regulars that have known Tony or one of his many siblings.
That's one!
I pulled into the parking lot on Saturday not expecting the crowd that had gathered. I was meeting not only my regular “bar buddies” — Andy Choka and Mike Ostermeyer — but also family like my dad, “Big” Lou Henry, and my cousin, Jim Todoran.
Lou's dad and cousin: two and three...
It didn’t take long, and my Aunt Jessica shimmied up to the stage for her first dance. Jessie is known as “The Queen of Dancioke.” She moved and gyrated to the music, and the crowd was falling in love.
Aunt Jessica makes four...

After a few more dancers I heard “Lou Henry, my brother Louie, come on up.” An anonymous person put my dad in to dance. The song was “Louie, Louie” by The Kingsmen. I figured, for research, I would join my ol’ man, and we brought the roof down.

And we can't leave out Lou himself, who helped pops bring down the roof. That makes five Henrys in one column! Amazing!

NEXT WEEK: Lou writes a column about a Henry wedding reception -- hey, there's a bar and plenty of Henrys, so it qualifies -- which sets the record for family members cited in a single column. (Mike "Ostie" Ostermeyer and Andy Choka also make their obligatory appearance.) The following week, he takes us to an exclusive Henry-only AA meeting!

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