Monday, July 18, 2005

Dooley Noted: Duly Noted

Mike Dooley gets things started with some earlier speculation about the 2007 mayoral race in his weekly column.
Q: Will Graham Richard run for another term?

A: He hasn’t been out raising all that money for Jerry’s Kids.

Q: Who’ll be the Republican nominee?

A: At the moment, we’d put our money on Matt Kelty, who almost unseated Win Moses for a legislative seat in 2002. Although he’s done nothing to fuel speculation, even former Mayor Paul Helmke’s name continues to surface.

He also has a Fort Wayne media note, it seems:

[...]You should know our error [in reporting Sen. Chuck Hagel being from Iowa] has prompted us to back off reporting a goof one television reporter made this week when she was downtown covering the Three Rivers Festival. It just wouldn’t be right to tell you she said, “We’re going to raise the roof here at Headquarters” as she stood in the middle of Headwaters Park. Nope. You’ll have to read about that somewhere else.
I thought there was a roof at the park -- didn't Lincoln Life pay for it? (I could be wrong...)

UPDATE: I may be dyslexic. Headquarters, Headwaters...

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