Monday, July 25, 2005

Duly Noted

More from Mike Dooley on potential 2007 mayoral candidate Matt Kelty:
Local architect Matt Kelty, who is expected to be in the running for the 2007 Republican mayoral nomination, had a different political task on his hands last week.

Kelty, in the words of the state Republican Central Committee, was a “surrogate.”

In what turned out to be a well-orchestrated campaign, the White House put state GOP organizations on alert that President Bush would be announcing his choice for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday. Their job was to line up the “surrogates,” once known in polite circles as “spokesmen” or “spokeswomen,” and in less-than-polite ones as “spin doctors,” to carry the message to the media. In Indiana, Kelty was one of about a dozen people, most easily recognized for their conservative leanings, who was selected.
Dooley also notes that Allen County assessor Pat Love has failed her assessor's test three times.
Part of the test is an open-book affair, but Love said that doesn’t necessarily make things any easier. “You have to know where in the book to look for the answers,” she said. “You have to know what the questions are going after.”

Love said she’s not worried about passing the test and said her performance so far shouldn’t be of any great concern. “It’s not affecting how I do my job,” said Love, who was elected assessor – responsible for overseeing reassessment, advising and instructing township assessors and appraising property for inheritance taxes – in 2002. “The main thing is about how you’re doing your job, and I’m doing a good job.”

Except when it comes to passing assessors’ tests, maybe.

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