Sunday, July 17, 2005

Ethics, Journalism, and Objectivity

Leo Morris of the News-Sentinel has some media notes of his own, in an interesting post on his blog. Here's an excerpt that deals specifically with Fort Wayne media:
I don't claim to know what the proper balance is between journalists' obligations to their profession and their communities. Fort Wayne is luckier than most cities in having, thanks to a joint operating agreement, two competing newspapers. Our rival has long had a policy forbidding most reporters and editors from being on the boards of community organizations. I've always felt such a policy puts the paper too far outside the community, to the point where it can't really understand the issues it is supposed to be reporting on. Our paper has had a looser policy that encourages community involvement, with some obvious exceptions not letting reporters belong to groups they're actually covering. A case can be made that this makes us too involved in the community, to the point where we can't really be objective.
Go read the rest.

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