Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Getting Free Stuff and Getting Pissed

Nancy Nall somehow has a free subscription to Fort Wayne Magazine, but instead of thanking Fort Wayne Newspapers, she's being critical of their product! (The horror!)
[The latest issue] arrived in time for lunchtime reading. Cover line: "Is downtown Fort Wayne on the verge of being hip?" I turned inside, to see if the question was answered in the world's shortest magazine article ("No."). No. Flipped to the society pages. Oh look, there's a local mover/shaker, and yes, his name is misspelled. He only ran the city's largest hospital and had his name in the paper regularly for a matter of years; I guess it's an understandable mistake to call him Rittenheim instead of Ridderheim. I took another look at the cover. The woman closest to the foreground in a seemingly candid photo of one of those verge-of-hip downtown restaurants is one of the contributing writers, which I assume was not coincidental.

Note to readers: If you have to pre-select well-dressed, demographically correct young people for a posed photo of a downtown hot spot, I'd say hipness is not only not on the verge, it can't even be seen coming down the road. Better luck next month.

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