Friday, July 15, 2005

Hitting Close to Home

The News-Sentinel's Rob Joesbury reports that one of the U.S. soldiers injured in this week's suicide bombing in Iraq while handing out candy to Iraqi children was a Fort Wayne man.
Marianne Arnett of New Haven said Thursday night that her son, 20-year-old Army Pfc. Andrew Arnett, a member of the 3rd Infantry Division and a Humvee driver, suffered a broken leg and expected to be taken to Germany for medical treatment. She talked to him Wednesday night by phone, and he assured her he was OK.
She also said that he disputes this account, from the Associated Press, about the cicumstances surrounding the bombing:
“There were some American troops blocking the highway when a U.S. Humvee came near a gathering of children,” said Karim Shukir, 42. The troops began handing out candy and smiley-face key chains.

“Suddenly, a speeding car bomb...struck both the Humvee and the children,” Shukir said.
Arnett's mother says that's not the case, according to her son.

She disputed, however, media accounts that reported the car carrying the suicide bomber drove into the soldiers’ parked Humvee.

“They were doing their job,” she said. “Andrew told me the vehicle was behind a wall, and that was why they couldn’t see it. The media is over-hyping them giving out candy.”

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