Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Leo Morris on Mike Dooley's item yesterday about Pat Love:
County Assessor Pat Love says it's no big deal that, because math isn't her strong suit, she has flunked the state-required test for assessors three times. She's good at managing people, and that's what really matters. Where have we heard this before?

Love apparently has about a year to pass the test and keep her job. But even if she does, that won't mean much. She will have discovered what to study to answer enough questions correctly. That really won't make her any more knowledgeable about the fundamentals of the work done by the people she manages.

I've had some bosses in my time -- not just in journalism, I hasten to add -- who didn't have the first idea about how to do the basic functions I had to perform and they had to rate me on. It was even a point of pride for some of them: Look at me, I'm in charge of this here chain gang; I don't have to dirty my hands with the actual liftin' and totin'. Guess what was true about those bosses? They were so easy to fool; you could screw off all day long and lie to them about it, and they wouldn't have a clue. When I had a chance to actually become a boss, I became a big believer in cross-training, for "workers" and "management" alike. We can all back each other up, and ain't nobody getting away with nothing.

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