Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nickname Contest!

Tracy Warner thinks the Summit City is a stupid nickname (well, kind of) and asks JG readers to suggest alternatives on his blog. Here's what they've come up with so far:
And then there's this comment, from reader Ed Powers:
I admire people who are able to write a newspaper column every week. It seems to me that sooner or later would come a day when you just couldn't think of anything worthwhile to write about. I think such a day came to Tracy Warner today.
Personally, I'm not sure that revising our nickname is the most pressing local concern (I'd prefer a more substantive -- as in real -- change), but if I were in charge of the Nickname Revision Task Force, I'd propose we capitalize on the number one movie at the box office this past week, and go with The City with the Chocolate Rivers. After all, if we're not going to clean them up, we might as well get some promotional mileage out of them. (And just like in the movie, you're not allowed to drink from the rivers!)

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