Friday, July 29, 2005

Not So Crazy

A letter to the editor in today's N-S addresses the South Side journalism "scandal" that I wrote about last week:

Look to Robinson to find the problem

I have read The News-Sentinel’s editorial on “Stifling young reporters” at South Side High School. I am privileged to know the students involved and to have worked with Principal Thomas Smith.

These students are superstars of high-school journalism and include Sterling Sentinel Journalism award winner, Michael Sanserino. Their teacher, Greg Jones, is also a class act and has singlehandedly turned the journalism department into the pride of Fort Wayne Community Schools.

Along with the gag order, which restricts phone calls from students to administrators, Jones was informed that he will not be the journalism adviser next year.

It grieves me to see Principal Smith taking the sole shame for this unreasonable, authoritarian action. Although I believe the gag order to be unethical, and believe the denial of a position to Jones to be an act of retribution, the blame for the shame should go to Superintendent Wendy Robinson.

Clearly, Smith was following orders from a higher authority under threat. What your editorial describes as “petty authoritarianism” is Robinson’s modus operandi. Perhaps The News-Sentinel should exercise its journalism muscles and investigate the depth and breadth of this scandal.

Janet Korsmeyer

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