Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Oh, the Humanity!

The JG's Frank Gray has some news you can use in his column today.

The Three Rivers Festival is over, and it will be another couple of months before the city has its next big bash, the Johnny Appleseed Festival.

Johnny Appleseed will have something different about it, though. This year, if you decide to bring your dog, organizers will ask you to leave.

That might sound unkind, but it’s all in reaction to an incident last year – and a bow to common sense.

Last year, what sounds like an otherwise nice dog reacted to a child’s petting one of her puppies by lunging forward and biting the girl in the face.

A dog biting a girl in the face?! This festival behavior is getting out of hand. Before you know it, people will be getting shot at the TRF midway!

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