Thursday, July 07, 2005

Predator Alert!

After a reader informed me that Lou Henry DID write a bar-hopping column for today's N-S, I quickly got to work. In this week's edition, Lou seduces a lovely young woman at her bachelorette party!

Nick “Tron” Trahin called and told me that he was down at Columbia Street West, also known as C-Street or just plain Columbia Street. He requested my presence, and I told him I had to change then I would make my way down there. When I arrived, Nick was standing toward the end of the main bar with some other friends and he greeted me with a handshake and a hug.


After returning to the spot at the end of the bar, Nick, a few other friends and I moved toward the patio to enjoy the cooler air. While out on the patio I saw another familiar face, the dental assistant who had worked on my teeth a month ago.

I got her attention, and we chatted about dental care and what not. She was having her bachelorette party and her friends mentioned to me that she had a list of dares she must do before the night was over, one being a picture with a patient. Now, you know that I’m shy and would never partake in any such tomfoolery but … OK, kidding, I’m a ham and I love having my picture taken, so I cheesed it up for the camera.


I couldn’t help myself and decided to join the bachelorette party and dance a little bit myself.

The biggest surprise in this column is the lack of an appearance of any of his family members. He usually manages to run into at least five other Henrys when he is out on the town.

No word on what happened between Lou and the young dental assistant, but I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't end up calling off her engagement and one day becoming a Henry herself! (And that would then retroactively qualify this column as featuring a Henry family member -- amazing! The streak will not be broken!)

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