Saturday, July 30, 2005

Predicting This Week's MediaWatch Fax

Last week, after Leo Morris refused to immediately take down a link to this site from his blog and then spoke to me for the first FWMN Podcast, Rich Reynolds went, well, crazy, devoting an entire MediaWatch fax to attacking Leo, threatening to sue him and calling for his resignation.

A week has passed. On Tuesday, citing the very documents Reynolds' used to register the trademark for "Fort Wayne Media Notes" that was (ostensibly) at the center of this dispute, I rebutted his claims that I was a "lawbreaker" and "scofflaw," pointing out that if anyone should be afraid of litigation, it's him.

The MediaWatch website is still M.I.A (unless you've got the super-secret password, and really, who wants to know that?), but odds are he'll be unleashing another MW fax this weekend, if he hasn't already -- for some reason my number isn't on their list...

Here's hoping that he takes the opportunity to admit that he never intended to sue anyone in the first place, that this was all just an effort to intimidate me (which didn't work) and others in local media from recognizing my work (which, sadly, did work -- someone at the News-Sentinel decided to take down Leo Morris' link to this site). Of course, that kind of candor would be quite a change from the normal cloak-and-dagger modus operandi of Reynolds and MediaWatch, as many of you know.

Instead, my guess is he'll ignore my rebuttal post, refer to suing me (without using my name or that of this blog) as if it's already happened (it hasn't), and take a cheap shot at Derrick Gingery, who had the temerity to consent to an interview for this week's podcast. And he'll certainly praise Mary Jacobus and the News-Sentinel for "coming to their senses" and removing that intolerable link to this site from Leo Morris' blog.

Of course, he could write about MediaWatch's fast fall from relevance, its complete loss of credibility, the effective closing of its website, and the fact that most places that receive the MW fax don't post it for all to read; they toss it in the garbage.

But I suppose thinking about all of that isn't as fun as threatening to sue me.

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